Why Balloons?

04th August 2017
Why Balloons? Well, why not?

People often ask me at trade fairs “why should I choose balloons for my wedding/event?”

Well balloons give you the added height and vibrancy of colours that other mediums cannot. We have over 70 colours from the worlds no.1 Balloon maker, Qualatex, to choose from and by mixing the balloons we can create 100’s of different colours to match your event. Balloon art is a wonderful thing to use at any event and does not have to just be a bunch of three balloons on ribbon, tied to a weight. From exquisite table centres to full on ceiling swags, balloons can help lift the venue and your event to new heights.

Here at Balloons by Danny Marino, we often reflect on a short saying we were told at the start of series of balloon exams that states “Anyone can blow up a balloon, but it’s what you then do with it that sets you apart from the rest”. We often say to our customers “Do you have a theme for your event?” with their replies then normally starting our minds creating some truly fabulous designs with the balloons. Everything from Personalised weights to printing the customers names on the actual balloons themselves. People with a latex allergy can even be accommodated with bubble and foil balloons.

Balloons also don’t have to be small. Large Balloon sculptures (like those seen below) can be used to fill spaces in large venues and shopping centres. These take a long time to create but the effects are amazing.

Balloons drops are also great ways to end a big party or event. Click on the link to see the video from the last night of Norwich Fashion Week and the 400 balloon drop.click here
Over the next few blogs, we will be giving you insights as to how to use balloons and Balloon professionals to create stunning events that will have your guests wanting more.

Next time it’s all about the entrance to the venue.

See you next time